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Welcome to Dominion (Card Game) Wiki!


Dominion is a popular card game that is NOT a CCG. A lot of information about it can be found on BoardGameGeek here: Basic information about the game will soon be on this Wikia's "About Dominion" page.

The VisionEdit

To have a Complete Wikia, with every Kingdom Card and Strategy. Eventually, I hope this will be an easy-to-use source of information for Dominion.

How can I help?Edit

There's a large list of stuff that needs doing here:


One of the most useful pages on this Wikia is the contents page here:


30/03/2010 I created the fan made card section, hopefully this will get up and running soon.

Old NewsEdit

- 23/02/2010 The Wikia now has over 100 articles! I thank Deftonesjunkie3 for all his contributions, as the wikia wouldn't be this far without him!

- 12/02/2010 All the Base Game Kingdom cards now have a page! :) Also the Wikia now has over 50 articles!

- Floodgates opened! The Wikia was announced on bgg on 4th February 2010.

- On the 3rd Febraury 2010 this wikia reached 25 articles, at this time I had a total of 113 edits. The 25th article was "Dominion (Base Game)".

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