The Refinary Area is the second step to creating a fan made card. To post here a card must have either got positive feedback in stage 1 OR you may skip stage 1 if and only if the card is well thought out and playtested. Here cards are tweaked, given pictures if necessary and it is ensured they are not "broken".


When cards have passed Stage 1, they are put in the New Cards (Passed Stage 1) Area. If you are an experienced card creator and have decided to skip stage 1, then link to the card in New Cards (Skipped Stage 1). Users may make suggestions for these cards, and the cards are playtested and tweaked. You must deliberately try to break the card. If the card withstands all of this, then you may remove the link in new cards and post a link in Under Review. A Card Reviewer will then make sure the card has been playtested etc, and then either move it to Stage 3 or placed in the Trash Heap.

New Cards (Passed Stage 1)Edit


New Cards (Skipped Stage 1)Edit


Under ReviewEdit


Trash HeapEdit


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